How Do I Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut?
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How Do I Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut?

Ulysses already has many keyboard shortcuts to make your writing life easier and faster. But sometimes, you might want to personalize things to optimize your daily writing routine.

For all navigation menu items that don’t already have a shortcut, you can create one of your own.

Let's take “Show Substitutions.”

To access this action, you would normally have to go to “Substitutions” › “Show Substitutions” via the Edit menu.

If you use this action often a custom keyboard shortcut can speed up your process noticeably.

Step 1

  • Go to “System Preferences” › Keyboard › Shortcuts › “App Shortcuts”

  • Click on the + plus button to create a new keyboard shortcut and select Ulysses

Step 2

  • Copy and paste in the exact menu title

Edit->Substitutions->Show Substitutions

  • Now, set a keyboard shortcut of your choice and click on Add.

Step 3

Afterward, please check the Edit menu.

Does your custom shortcut appears next to the menu item? Perfect!

This means the shortcut has been successfully created and is ready to be used.